Águila Inc.- Blog

Águila (pronounced AH-gee-la) is the spanish word for "eagle." A mix of a fashion and entrepreneurial 
development blog, Aguila Inc's goal is to inspire readers to "let their dreams take flight" and follow 
along in the process of developing, designing and manufacturing a socially conscious clothing brand from scratch. 

Expect to see outfit posts, the business development process, and interviews with entrepreneurs 
in both fashion related and socially conscious companies.

Águila Inc.- Brand (under development)

Águila Inc. is high quality contemporary women's clothing line made and manufactured in South America 
infused with a Latin aesthetic.  We believe that there should be a positive, empowering connection 
between the clothes you wear and the people that make them.  For every item you purchase, we reinvest 
a portion of profits into entrepreneurial and educational programs in the communities where Águila Inc. is made.  

Katherine Martinez

Katherine grew up sewing along side her Colombian grandmother and gained an appreciation for high quality
 clothing made with love.  She always wanted to be a designer and own a business, but decided to follow 
a more "acceptable career path" and majored in Economics and University of Maryland.  After graduating, 
the itch just had to be scratched--- Martinez started an online business selling and reconstructing vintage 
clothing in Washington DC.  After 2 years, in January 2013, she decided to pack everything up, sell all her 
merchandise, move to New York, and get some real world experience in the industry.  

The idea for Águila Inc. budded after seeing photos that Martinez's Dad shared with her from a surgical mission 
to Tumaco, Colombia--- children and adults alike with horrible disfigurements from making the equivalent of 
"cocaine moonshine" in their homes.  Águila Inc. marries Martinez's love of high quality fashion with a desire to 
improve economic conditions in impoverished communities. 

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